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Aurix is a leading specialist in true phonetic search technology solutions to gain operational efficiencies, competitive advantage and peace of mind.
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Why Aurix?
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Aurix is a leader in speech technology solutions, enabling organisations to identify words and phrases buried in their audio data to gain valuable intelligence.

Users of solutions based upon the Aurix phonetic audio search engine benefit from improved productivity, rapid response to market conditions, reliability and peace of mind. As volumes of audio recordings increase, organisations need a reliable method to identify specific information within their audio database. They also need a fast, accurate and flexible means to retrieve individual recordings to meet a growing range of business needs including compliance, security and business intelligence.

The Aurix phonetic speech search engine is the most advanced and effective phonetic speech analysis technology. It provides many compelling advantages over speech-to-text intelligence for a variety of real-time and offline applications in multiple sectors: Customer Contact, Security & Intelligence, Legal and Media Organisations.

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